perdigon nymphs

2020-09-09 | T-and-Co

In the many different techniques that counts fly fishing, the tandem between a dry fly and a nymph is one of the classics. There’s been a real update in this tandem lately. Just like Euronymphing, dry fly and dropper nymph tandem followed the… [Lire la suite]

2020-03-23 | T-and-Co

After testing the 2wt references, we decided to keep exploring the MKII series developed for modern nymphing techniques with the #3 models :

2020-03-17 | T-and-Co

After testing the Nymphmaniac 10’ #3, we decided to keep exploring the Nymphmaniac series developed for modern nymphing techniques with the… [Lire la suite]

2020-02-29 | T-and-Co

For a few years, Sandro Soldarini, renowned Italian fly fisherman and competitor has been designing fishing equipment in several price range. These products, initially based on the euro-nymphing, are now covering all the needs of a fly fisherman… [Lire la suite]

2020-02-16 | T-and-Co

“What is the best nymphing rod available at the moment?” This question is coming back very often on Trout & Co inbox. Our answer is always the same: “There is no best rod, they are all very different and each one of them will have its pros… [Lire la suite]

2019-08-28 | T-and-Co

After becoming one of the most renowned fly line manufacturers in the world, the American company Cortland began to design euronymphing gear a few years ago : these techniques are in full development in the United States, under the impetus of… [Lire la suite]