2020-09-09 | T-and-Co

In the many different techniques that counts fly fishing, the tandem between a dry fly and a nymph is one of the classics. There’s been a real update in this tandem lately. Just like Euronymphing, dry fly and dropper nymph tandem followed the… [Lire la suite]

2018-12-29 | T-and-Co

Après avoir présenté le grand classique de la gamme MX4 il y a quelques semaines, la 10' #2 (voir le test ici), nous enchaînons aujourd'hui avec un … [Lire la suite]

2018-09-30 | T-and-Co

The Spanish company Maxia Rod (MR) was created and developed by Aldo Silva (from the italian company Modern Flies) accompanied by the casting champion and instructor Alejandro Viñuales. Maxia is today one of the leading manufacturers in… [Lire la suite]